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There were difficulties at the beginning with the card acceptance in Hajdú-Bihar county, but Edenred was extremely helpful and they did their best to accomplish our conversion. Since then we are fully satisfied with the card, it is much easier to pay with it than was with the paper-based voucher. All in all, the crew of Edenred is maximally helpful, we are really thankful for that!

Epack Kft Epack Kft

Replacing the paper-based voucher system, the card based solution is much more comfortable, flexible and modern way for us to pay, and we are constantly getting similar feedbacks from our employees as well.

HR director of Hungary’s leading bank HR director HR director of Hungary’s leading bank

We are in excellent business terms with Edenred now for many years, therefore we decided to replace the old paper-based vouchers with the modern card based system. Initiating the cards did not imply any problems, it took place with a great routine. Our partners were entirely satisfied as well.

Tamás Horváth Business Manager - Cafeteria Services Prohumán Kft.

We are entirely satisfied partners of Edenred for more than a 15 years. The chance to convert for electronic card woke our interest immediately, and last year we initiated it right away in our system. This way is simpler, more comfortable, and as beneficial as we thought.

Zoltán Nagy HR manager Alkaloida Chemical Factory Zrt.

We received the innovative initiation of Edenred with an open heart, because we were waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time. The Top Premium electronic card offers, just the same as a big company could ask for.

Balázs Csidei HR manager Kempinski Hotel Budapest Zrt.

Among the cards initiated in the last year, our employees think the most useful was the Top Premium card. Workers think it is extremely profitable that with the card they can use up all of their money. During shopping one need to pay no more that the exact amount. At least but not last the card can be used widely.

János Bank Staff manager - HR manager Eckerle Automotive Bóly Kft.
Epack Kft HR director of Hungary’s leading bank Tamás Horváth Zoltán Nagy Balázs Csidei János Bank